5:2 Diet Program- Weekly

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5:2 Diet Program is the most popular and intended for those that wish to maintain and enhance their healthy lifestyle.

What is 5:2 Diet Program? The 5:2 Diet Program involves eating normally for five days a week, then restricting your calorie intake to 500–600 calories on the other two days.

5:2 Diet Program has several impressive health benefits! These include weight loss, reduced insulin resistance and decreased inflammation. Blood lipids may also be improved. Enjoy benefits of the 5:2 diet without the calorie counting.

For 2 days a week substitute solid food with nutritious cold pressed juice. You’ll receive two delivery per week.



Delivery Note:
1. Delivery day you have selected above is for your second juice delivery onward
2. For the first juice delivery, you’ll be asked to select the date at the checkout

Remark: Indicated price is for 3 months subscription ( 8 sets of one day juice cleanse per month)

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