The Cool’s Daily Program is aimed at a range of health benefits to enable you to feel at your best.

A few different programs from “Leaf it Up”, ” Maximune” to “Rise & Shine” were created to fulfill everyone’s needs!

By incorporating juices into your daily diet, it can assist in achieving overall wellness! A balanced diet is essential to have a healthy immune system, easy digestion and absorption of nutrients, detoxification, happy hormones and many more.

1 day 1 bottle for additional nutrients. Choose which one suits you most!

“Leaf it Up” Daily Program: Healthy Fiber
“Maximune” Daily Program: Immunity Booster
“Rise & Shine” Daily Program: Focus + Energy


Best health is just a daily cold-pressed juice and a rainbow fruits bowl away!

The Cool wants you to adopt a healthy eating habit. A healthy individual should consume at least a bottle of juice on a daily basis, and hence, we have made this our mission to completely fulfil this requirement for all our subscribers.

Just order a monthly subscription for cold-pressed juice and you will get FREE rainbow fruits bowl!