Add-on: Best Deal! Musang King Mooncake (Box)

The unique and rich aroma is so irresistible. And that caramel and creamy flesh make us drool over this king.
YES, The Musang King Durian!
The King of fruits is now packed into a mooncake, enveloped by a creamy golden skin. Drooling already?

Just like the actual Musang King durian, The Duria Mooncake is beautifully creamy and custard-like.
Its flavour is so lusciously rich – you can’t keep your hands to yourself. Get hold of your special package today to experience the paradise.

This exotic king never fails to rule over our taste buds with his deeply creammmy, sweet, and savoryyyy magic.
The Musang King Durian Mooncake is here now to sweep you off your feet!

Add on a box of Musang King Mooncake into your cart now!!!
Comes with FREE Limited Cooler Bag & FREE Delivery (Specific locations).

Grab it fast before sold out!

*T&C Apply. The Cool Juice reserves all right for final explanation.

RM 138.00 RM 99.00



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