Ramadan Royale Set (Limited Time Only)

Purple cabbage is known for the fibers, vitamins and lots of necessary nutrients. Cold-pressed to remain its freshest condition for your liking, added with apples, cucumbers and carrots – this set is so great for Ramadan season! Comes in 6 bottles of great cold-pressed juices to keep your nutrients and vitamins into your daily needs!

For a limited time only, get this Ramadan Royale Set that consist of:

2x Seasonal Flavour: Purple Refresher
2x Summer Glo
2x Beet & Burn

Benefits of this set:
– High in fibre
– Boost immune system
– Cleanses digestive tract
– High water content that hydrates skin
– Great source of Vitamins

How to Consume:

Sahur: Purple Refresher
Provides sufficient vitamins, minerals and hydrates our cells throughout the fasting times.

Iftar: Summer Glo
Helps keeping you hydrated, healthy digestion, helps reduce inflamation and so good for your skin!

Moreh: Beet & Burn
Filled with fiber, helps boost immunity, improves blood circulation and blood pressure too.

RM 55.00



Introducing the Ramadan Special!

Ramadan Royale Set, that is specially created and tailored to provide you with the best source of fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals throughout this holy fasting month!

For a limited time only, enjoy 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices of:

2x Seasonal Flavour: Purple Refresher
2x Summer Glo
2x Beet & Burn


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