Post-CNY 4 Days Detox Program (28 Bottles)

– Detoxifies – Immune booster – Vitamins –
– Source of Fiber – Boost Weight Loss –

Getting back on track after the festive holidays would be a great thing but are you feeling sluggish? Do you know at times you need to have a ‘system reset’ by doing some cleanse?

The Cool Juice is here to help! We’ve create this whole set as we know you will need it! Detox from in to out is so easy. This program surely fits all your requirements in a go! Just get your juice cleanse program, all it takes is 4 Days to enjoy these juices! No need to starve yourself as you can still eat clean and stay healthy!

Our Post-CNY Detox Program (4 Days) includes:

2 Sets of Classic Detox (14 Bottles)
2 Sets of Hardcore Detox (14 Bottles)

Now for only RM240!




Over indulging on delicious and savoury great dishes this Chinese New Year? It is time to cleanse up!

Let us give you the best solution of juice cleanse! Super easy to consume and you do not need to starve yourself!

Post-CNY 4 Days Detox Program includes:

2 Set of Classic Detox (14 Bottles)
2 Set of Hardcore Detox (14 Bottles)


Delivery Note:
1. When choosing delivery date at checkout, please bear in mind your juice cleanse start day would be the day after the delivery
2. For 4 days juice cleanse and above, there will be more than one delivery in order to keep the freshness of the juices

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Cleanse Duration

1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days


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