Red Dragon

– Ease constipation – Immune booster – Vitamin C –
– Source of Fiber –

A great daily fiber intake for our body to helps ease constipation. Dragon fruit is high in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, plus it helps boost Iron levels too. Tastes slightly sweet, it has a tropical flavour that is so soothing to our throat and taste buds.

Dragon fruit helps aid digestion, aid weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improves skin health. Adding another super-beneficial fruit – Apple, double up your fiber intake in every bottle of fresh cold-pressed juice!


Dragon fruit, Apple

RM 10.90

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This drink helps boost vitamin C and anti-oxidants needed for our body. Tastes sweet from its natural fruit sweetness, adding a natural hint of redness from the colour of the fruit. A great source of daily fiber intake too!


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