“Rise & Shine” Daily Program

Are you zoning out or do you lose concentration easily? You need at least a cup of coffee to keep you awake and focus on your work?

Good news! Now you can substitute your coffee with ” Rise & Shine” Daily Program. Watermelon is peppered with the electrolyte potassium (sports drinks are fortified with electrolytes) so you don’t feel tired after an exhausting day. They’re also rich in protein and contain vitamin B6 and B1, which, when combined, boost energy. Besides, pennywort from “Leafy Green” and turmeric from ” Spice Up” also sharpen alertness and memory and also rejuvenate the brain.

The Cool’s “Rise & Shine” Daily Program includes:
Summer Glo    x 1
Spice Up           x 1
Leafy Green     x 1

RM 27.00



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