1 Day Build Your Own Detox Program

“The juices taste good and are quite filling so I wasn’t left feeling hungry and I didn’t feel the need to eat anything else. Even though my detox was only for one day, I still noticed a change in my appetite in the next few days. I ate smaller servings of food and still felt satisfied and less bloated.” 

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Chew Lai Kuen
6 Days Lite Detox Program

“I have completed the 6 days detox program and I lost 3 KGs! My skin is glowing. Definitely I will continue the detox program once a month.” 

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Dazila Surya
2 Days Hardcore Detox Program

“Overall, I lost almost 2kgs in 2 days, my body feel light and I feel motivated somehow to control my food intake and change to healthy routine.”
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Helen Wee

Helen Wee
1 Day Hardcore Detox Program

My first time trying out juice detox program and it turn out feeling good and tasty in all juices even majority are made from green vegetables. After completed the program, I noticed that I have better bowel on the next day and feeling lighter on my body even my body weight remain the same.
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2 Days Classic Detox Program

“I don’t expect to lose weight since I was aiming for system cleansing, but I did lose 2kg in 2 days which is water weight. My body really feel lighter and healthier, my skin look better and feeling energetic like a reboot to my system.”
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Thian Siew Kim
12 Days Build  Your Own Detox Program

“After 7 days of my juice cleanse , my skin glowing and more brighter , i slim down and i feel more energize”
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7 Days Hardcore Detox Program

“One best thing i benefit from the juice cleanse program is, i sleep very well at night, and earlier than usual! My body feels light and no burden without those oily food, which couldn’t achieve by just having cleanse diet”
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Crescentia Lim
1 Day Lite Detox Program

“The combination of the juices did not upset my tummy nor make me feel extreme hunger.  Best part is, I have gastric and it did not cause any issues during the cleanse.  I felt lighter after completing the 1 day lite detox program and I noticed my appetite changed as well.”
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Dr Mullai Shree
3 Days Classic Detox Program

I started preparing myself about two days prior to the actual cleanse helped my body to prepare itself for the following three days. I had not only lost some weight but it has motivated me to live a healthier life. I feel lighter and more energetic”
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Samantha Soo
3 Days Detox/Radiant Program

“Stress from work, diet lacking in fruits & vegetables due to frequently eating out, I was constantly feeling tired, moody & bloated. My skin was also breaking out and complexion dull where I decided to start a Juice Cleanse. Now my insides felt lighter & cleaner, my complexion brighter & I feel re-energized!”
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Valerie Vu
3 Days Hardcore Detox Program

“I felt really great after the program completed, seeing my flat stomach, less bloated and my freckles did lighten up”
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Ginny Tan
3 Days Lite Detox Program

” I will stock up some walnuts and slowly quit my favorite coffee at least 3 days prior to make my detox program successful. I feel very happy that i did it as my brain is refreshing, body is feeling light weight, stomach become less bloated, i knew that my body’s waste has been cleansed!”
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Amy Lim Ying Yee
3 Days Hardcore Detox Program

” The feel on craving of food get better when I was on my 2nd & 3rd time detox. I can really feel the difference on my appetite is smaller after the juice detox and it also solve my constipation problem
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Nicole Teh

Nicole Teh
3 Days Hardcore Detox Program

“I can feel my whole body feel lighted after the 3 days juicing and I will consider to do the juice cleanse once a month if possible” 
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Fiona Yoon
1 Day Classic Detox Program

” Quality, freshness, authenticity, I loved every drop of it. Excellent and unbeatable compared to all the other commercialized juice bars in Malaysia. No added sugar and the flavor combos are really terrific”
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Tina Yap
3 Day Build Your Own Detox Program

“Very happy with swift and responsible delivery. Accommodating to my special request for non-sticker labels to save the environment. Taste delicious and honest price. Keep it up and definitely will be your returning customer”

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