THE COOL has designed different programs to suit your needs.

To achieve detox effect, you can choose from our “LITE” , “Classic” to “Hardcore” Detox Program. For those who want to turn dull and tired skin to glowing skin at the same time achieve the detox effect, you can try out our Beauty Detox Program.

But some think that not eating or chewing for days seems like an impossible task? Not to worry.We have Healthy Program for you!
Healthy Program work best alongside with your regular meals. You can experience many of the same benefits of a full juice cleanse while still incorporating healthy solid meals.

On top of that, we have Family Program which designed specifically for your whole family. Healthy is a way of living, get your whole family to enjoy the fresh cold-pressed juices and hooked on healthy lifestyle.

However,if any of the packages are not to your liking, then you can Build Your Own!


Give your digestive system a rest and eliminate toxins from the body

Nowadays, our body accumulates toxic from consuming more unhealthy food which can lead to major health issues such as obesity, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and even cancer. So The Cool has designed a few detox programs to help clean your body, cleansing your systems on the inside and replenishing your skin on the outside.

THE COOL offers three detox programs with varying levels of intensity: LITE,CLASSIC and HARDCORE.

Each program consists of 7 daily bottles of 100% fresh, raw and natural fruits and vegetable juices, carefully designed to assist your bodies natural healing processes. We use our green drinks which are high on chlorophyll to help detox your body. Enjoy daily instead of solid meals!

To know more about juice cleanse, click here !

Detox Program


Improve your skin’s tone antextured  over time

“Great skin’s a reflection of what one puts in their body and their digestion.”
Freshly made raw juices can have a remarkable effect on your skin’s tone and texture over time.This is not a quick fix. But if you want to have perfect skin, the only long-term way to do it is from the inside out and detoxify your body to see  the benefits for mind, body, soul and skin.Perfect for the lead up to a big event to help clear your skin, reduce bloating and give you a post-cleanse glow!

THE COOL offers two beauty detox programs with nut mylk or without nut mylk-“Go Flawless” and “Glo n Bloom”. Each program consists of 7 daily bottles which include 2 bottles of juices high in antioxidants which is great for your skin!

Try out our Beauty Detox Program for your glowing skin now! To know more about juice cleanse, click here !

Beauty Detox Program


Extra nutrients for your body to stay healthy while having your regular food

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for our body but we can’t seem to include them in our meals regularly maybe because of taste, inconvenience or maybe you’re sick and simply don’t want to eat.

THE COOL offers four healthy programs suitable for all of you who are  looking and want a healthier lifestyle- Green Fiber, Vita-C Booster, Multi-Nutrients and Juicy & Nutty.

Each program consists of 8 bottles of daily fresh cold-pressed juices. It’s designed to be consumed within 2 days. Each day you’ll consume  4 cold pressed juices that are delicious and packed with vitamins along with your normal meals!

Healthy Program