What Makes "THE COOL" Different?


No pasteurisation. No HPP process.
Nothing else added.
We PRESS to retain more nutrients than any other types of juices.


Cold-pressed juice made daily.
100% Fresh, Raw and Delicious.
We make healthy tastes soooo good and fresh for you everyday!


Our hand-crafted juices are only made with fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.


Free delivering cold-pressed juice to your doorstep within Klang Valley.
From Sun to Fri (Off on Sat)

Good feedback, happy and healthy customers is what we are all about!
Taste of Freshness!
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Dazila Surya
2 Days Hardcore Detox Program

“Overall, I lost almost 2kgs in 2 days, my body feel light and I feel motivated somehow to control my food intake and change to healthy routine.” *


1 Day Build Your Own Detox Program

“The juices taste good and are quite filling so I wasn’t left feeling hungry and I didn’t feel the need to eat anything else. Even though my detox was only for one day, I still noticed a change in my appetite in the next few days. I ate smaller servings of food and still felt satisfied and less bloated.” *

Serena Ho

Serena Ho
2 Days Lite Detox Program

After the cleanse, what I noticed was I had lesser water retention, which was a problem for me. My appetite has decrease and the best part was I actually kicked off my caffeine addiction. I’ve tried to kick the addiction for quite some time but failed. To think that this 2 days juice cleanse did the job.” *

Anthony Pamittan

3 Days Hardcore Detox Program

I really felt light during these days and it curb my cravings for sweets since it is made from all natural ingredients.  During the 3 days, I continued working out and felt even more energetic without solid food intake, in total, I shed 2 kilos during the duration. *

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