Our Story

In 2015, we started with a humble beginning where we sell our cold-pressed juices at local wet market over the weekend.

Every idea starts with that moment when you realise something is missing. For us, was “Accessibility”. We were only able to serve those juice lovers staying nearby. How about others who need something healthy to drink?

Later on, we decided to start The COOL Juice to provide FREE DELIVERY service to everyone living within Klang Valley. Our juices are now reachable to everyone within Klang Valley and at the same time, we aimed at fueling our customers’ health and happiness in the most positive way!

We do not add any sugar, preservatives, chemicals or any other additives to our juices. To create our cold pressed juices, we use all the fresh  and raw fruits and vegetables. Our juices and nut mylks are made daily ensuring we give our customers the freshest, most vibrant juices possible.  We do not compromise our juices with Heat Pasteurised and High Pressure Processing(HPP). Pasteurised and HPP juices shouldn’t be considered “fresh” juices according to FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

We will help to guide our customers about the endless benefits of juicing, diet and a healthy lifestyle can bring. Our customers’ health is our priority and we will help them to get through the journey towards a healthier and happier everyday lives with our fresh cold-pressed juice.

We know that juice can sometimes be comically expensive however if you know the benefits that you are getting into your body – your body deserve to be getting benefits from every single drop!

The Cool Juice_Taste of Freshness!