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How is THE COOL juice different from others?
Our juices are cold-pressed and made fresh daily with the finest raw fruits and vegetables.

Our juices are pure and we utilize no form of pasteurization – no heat. Our cold-pressed process locks in all the essential vitamins and minerals that typically get lost with other forms of traditional juicing that use heat or pasteurization.

We offer free delivery to your doorsteps -home or office.

Why not just blend the fruits and vegetables together?
Our stomach needs time to digest all the vegetables and fruits before the nutritions are available to the body cells and tissues.

However, cold-pressed juices can be digested quickly within a minimum effort and it is easy for the stomach to absorb all the nutrition and enzyme

In other words, our juices are “alive” because the juices are raw and unpasteurized.

What are the difference between unpasteurized and pasteurized raw juices?
The most common type of pasteurization is when juices are using high temperature to heat the juices in order to keep the shelf longer is called heat pasteurized. When juices are pasteurized, most of the nutrition and enzymes have eliminated.

Unlike unpasteurized raw juices, which are filled with enzymes and nutrition.

Most of the wholesale juices in grocery stores and cafes are required to be pasteurized including those labeled as cold-pressed juice.

Should I store my juices into the fridge?
Yes, you should store in the fridge (chiller) so that the juices can keep it fresh.

If you planning to take it out with you more than half an hour, remember to bring along a cooler bag and ice packs with you.

If you are planning to take it out with you more than 3 hours, we do recommend to put the juices inside a cooler box full of ice packs or ice. Trust me, this can keep your juices cold for half a day!

Is it normal that my juices have settling or separation after it stays in the fridge?
Yes, it is normal. Because it’s natural. It doesn’t mean that our juices have added any water and preservatives or any other unnecessary ingredients.

Most store-bought drinks don’t separate because they have stabilizers added in. We prefer to shake our juice rather than drink chemicals!

Don’t have separation anxiety, just give it a shake before consuming.

The taste is slightly different compare to the last time purchased. Why is it?
Variation may happen because our juices are handcrafted. Also, harvest and growing season can be one of the reason.

Is the juice vegan-friendly?
Yes, there are no animal products used in our juices.

Are your juices fresh upon delivery?
Yes, our juices are made fresh daily. While our juices are safe to drink within 3 days from delivery, we highly recommend consuming your juices soonest possible for maximum benefit. Also, remember to consume the juices within 1 hour once opened.

Can my kids drink The Cool fresh raw juice?
Absolutely! Our juices are great for boosting immunity and energy naturally and make a great drink for your kids. We have designed The Cool’s Family Program to suit you, your family and your kids, check it out!

How big are your juices?
All our juices and mylks are 250 ml except : Cool Shot – 30 ml

When can I start my cleanse?
You can start your juice cleanse whenever you are ready!
The Cool Juice Cleanse Programs are designed to suit everyone of you as we have juice cleanse program for the beginner, intermediate and even juice cleanse master. The Cool strongly recommends following our pre, during and post cleanse guidelines in order to prepare you physically and mentally for the cleanse.
Bear in mind that we will deliver your juice program one day earlier before your juice cleanse, hence we recommend starting your cleanse on the following day.

What cleanse do you recommend?
If you have not cleansed before, we would advise starting with a 3 day cleanse and then work your way up.

A longer juice cleanse is more beneficial than a 3 day cleanse as the elimination of toxins and the number of nutrients you consume is greater, however starting with a 3 day cleanse is definitely a great way to start.

Should I do a 3-day cleanse or a 5-day cleanse?
This totally depends on what you would like to get out of the detox or radiance program. Cleansing for 6 days is a deeper, more intense experience than cleansing for 1 or 3 days. You reap more benefits the longer you cleanse. Certain substances take longer to leave your system than others.

You always want to plan your cleanse for a period of time where you have some flexibility in your schedule and can make your body your top priority. Of course, you can always customize the program to last even longer than 5 days if you so desire. Listen to your body.

Will a one-day cleanse do anything?
Of course, it will! How do you feel after you have taken a day off work? The benefits of a one-day cleanse, once a week are great! It is a good strategy to boost the immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and allow the body to “catch up.”

After only one day of stopping solid food intake, enzymes stop visiting your stomach and instead travel into the bloodstream and intestines, where they get busy attacking all sorts of old waste matter, damaged cells, and pollutants.

A one-day cleanse is also a great tool to get rid of any overindulgence quickly and effectively if you feel guilty on last nights sumptuous dinner. We offer for our customers a weekly 1-day cleanse program as a perfect post-cleanse contingency.

Where do I get my daily protein requirements?
The amount of protein available in both of our greens juices and nut mylks are enough to meet above and beyond our bodies’ daily protein requirement as many of our juices contain vegetables that are high in protein. However, if you would like additional protein, we recommend incorporating our almond mylk or nuts into your cleanse.

Is it ok to exercise while I am on the cleanse?
Yes. We recommend low-impact activities. Exercise is a great way to help your body with detoxification.

Will I lose weight doing juice cleanse?
Our cleanses help with weight management and reduce water retention. While the purpose of a juice cleanse is to give our digestive system a rest and eliminate toxins, most of the time you may find that you lose weight as your body flushes out excess water and toxins. Cleansing on a regular basis (at least once a month) will help to restore natural balance and enhance your shape.

Does it matter if I do not drink the juices in a specific order?
Yes, we request that you drink the juices in their recommended order.

Why is juice number ordering important?
To help in balancing the nutrients and calories and aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients

Can I have any other beverages in addition to the juices?
Yes, as long as they are healthy! We recommend having at least eight glasses of water per day, besides your cleanse beverages. Example, herbal tea, green tea, etc.

What if I get hungry?
Consume your juices slowly and conscientiously. If you find your hunger unbearable, we recommend you snack on only fruits, raw nuts and vegetables.

Pregnant or breastfeeding can do cleansing?
Doing a strict juice cleanse is not recommended when you are pregnant or nursing, as the toxins released into the system may be circulated to the unborn or into the breast milk.

You may supplement your healthy diet with our fresh raw cold-pressed juices instead of doing a juice cleanse!

Can medical condition patient go for cleansing? (eg. suffered heart attack diabetes)
We advise to consult doctors before juice cleanse.

What are the detox symptoms that I will experience?
The most common symptoms are: fatigue, headaches, constipation or diarrhoea, skin breakouts, rashes, nausea, running nose, body aches, gas, insomnia, carvings and irritability.

If you are concerned with some of the symptoms or experience anything beyond, please consult your doctors.

Tips: It is not unusual to experience either constipation or diarrhoea during the juice cleansing process due to drastic changes to ones eating pattern which cause the rate of digestion to slow for some people. Alleviate symptoms and keep your digestion on track by:
– Drinking plenty of water
– Add some fruits (especially papaya) during your juice cleanse

How do I order on the website?

  1. Fill your shopping cart with juice or cleanse packages.
  2. On the checkout page, be sure to select the date you wish to have your juice delivered. We deliver from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm from Sunday to Friday. We are closed on Saturday.
  3. Make payment.

When should I place my order?
All orders must be placed by 9 am for next day delivery. We deliver fresh, raw juice from Sunday to Friday. We are closed on Saturday. Example:
You intend to start your juice cleanse on Friday
Wednesday – Place your order latest by 9 am
Thursday – Fresh juices deliver to you for next day juice cleanse
Friday – Start your first day of Juice Cleanse

When do I need to make the payment?
All payments need to be received in advance so we can process your order.

How do I make payment?
We have partnered with Billplz as our preferred payment gateway. We only accept direct bank transfer, we do not accept payment via credit cards at the moment.

Why can’t I pick up the juice whenever I want?
We don’t stock our juices, we produce all orders just before the delivery.

This means that the juice is the freshest possible, but it also means that you have to order first.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery(COD)?
Sorry, we do not accept any COD.

Can I leave a message as I am buying the juices as a gift for my partner or friends?
Good news for you! We have free message tag service for you to deliver your message. Kindly indicate and drop your message at the checkout.

How to enjoy the free delivery service?
Minimum order of any of our program or individual bottle ( min RM 50 and above) to enjoy our free delivery service. If below RM 50, flat rate of RM10 will be charged.

* Free delivery is applicable for a certain parts of Klang Valley area only.

For coverage area, please check to find out more!

What time do the juices get delivered?
The juices are delivered anytime between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Sunday – Friday).

Can I request for a specific time for delivery?
We’re really not able to cater for any time specific requests.

Depending on our orders for that day, we will sort out with the most efficient route for our riders to send our fresh juices to you.

Our delivery is from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm ( Sunday to Friday).

Do you deliver 3 days juice cleanse package in one delivery?
For optimal freshness, more than 2 days cleanses will be split into several deliveries as follows:
One Delivery – 1 to 2 days juice cleanse ( First delivery is one day before your intended juice cleanse)
Two Deliveries – 3 to 4 days juice cleanse ( Second delivery is on your second day of the juice cleanse)
Three Deliveries– 5 to 6 days juice cleanse ( Third delivery is on your fourth day of the juice cleanse)

At the checkout, you’ll be asked to select the date of your first juice delivery. For subsequent deliveries, our team will contact you.

Can you ensure the delivery person hand over the juices directly to me?
Our rider will call you once he or she has arrived at your place.

Kindly ensure there is someone who is able to receive the juices in the event you are out at a meeting, at the toilet or out for lunch. In which case, the delivery person would have to hand over to a receptionist, your colleagues or someone else who can take receipt of the juices and hand it over to you directly.

Can I change my delivery address after I have confirmed my order?
Kindly inform us via WhatsApp or call us at +6011-12225226, the new delivery address by 9 am, 1 day before the delivery date.
If later than that, we are not able to change the delivery address for you.

How do I sign up?
Go to My Account and click on “Register Now”. Fill in your details and wait to receive your activation email (Remember to check your Junk/Spam inbox). Once your account is activated, just shop away and start earning points!

How does the The COOL Points work?
Earn points for every purchase made from The COOL Juice website. Every RM1 spent earns 1 point. For example, spend RM100 to earn 100 points.

The points are awarded based on the item’s final sales price and are calculated BEFORE tax and EXCLUDING delivery charges.
The points are not awarded for products that are currently priced on sale/promotion.

Do my points expire?
Yes, all points are valid for 6 months only. Unused points will be forfeited after expiry. The COOL Points are non-transferable and non-renewable.

What do I redeem with The COOL points?
You can use your points to rebate from purchases. 20 points is equivalent to the value of RM1. For example, if you have 100 points, you are able to rebate RM5 off your cart at Checkout.

How do I use my points?
Click on the “Use COOL Points” button at Checkout. The system will detect your available COOL Points for use and apply all points for maximum rebates. It’s that easy!

If you do not want to use your COOL Points for this purchase, just click on “Proceed to Checkout” and continue the checkout process.

If you have clicked “Use COOL Points” but changed your mind, just click on “Remove” under COOL Points Used (located above the “Proceed to Checkout” button) to remove points from Checkout.

Is there a limited amount of points I can use?
The maximum points is capped at 1000 points (Value of RM50) per Checkout.

Do I only earn points from purchases?
Members can earn MORE points by leaving a review for a product, referring a friend and joining our Save the Earth Recycling Program! Look out for announcements on special promos to earn more rewards from our Instagram/Facebook too.

How do I refer a friend?
Login to My Account. Click “Generate Referral Link” and copy and share the link to your friend. Your friend must complete a purchase in order to receive the referral points for both parties.

How do I check for my COOL points balance?
Login to My Account and check under “My Rewards”.

If you have not received this, kindly contact us at contactus@thecooljuice.com.my for further assistance.

I have an existing account but I forgot my login, can I still use it?
Yes you can, as long as you remember the email which your COOL Juice account is registered under. Just click on the “Forget password” link to reset your password and login again.

What is subscription?
The Cool Juice has introduced our subscription plan to our juice lover to consume our juice on a consistent basis. You can sign up for our detox program, beauty detox program, healthy program or even family program on weekly basis for 1 month.

Sign up now to save more and get these delightful deliveries to your doorstep!

Why subscription?
A juice subscription is a great way to infuse the body with fresh nutrients from cold pressed juices on a consistent basis. Many people notice improvements in health after a month subscription.

Hassle free, we handle all the works for you from buying the fresh fruits and veggies, prepping, juicing and delivering to your doorstep!

We have created convenient monthly subscriptions to help you get healthier one step at a time. You choose the program and delivery times, we do the rest!

How subscription works?
1. Choose your program on the subscription page.
2. Before you add the subscription program to the cart, you’ll be asked to select the delivery day for your second juice delivery onward.
3. For the first juice delivery, you’ll be asked to select the date at the checkout.

– You have chosen our “Healthy Program-Twice a week”.
– Before adding to cart, you have selected as below:
Juice Pack: Green Fiber Healthy Program
First Delivery Day: Monday
Second Delivery Day: Thursday
– At the checkout, you have selected the delivery date as “Delivery Date: 08/01/2018”

Hence, your first delivery will be on 08/01/2018, anytime between 9.30 am to 1 pm. Subsequently, your juices will be delivered to you every Monday and Thursday until your subscription ends ( 4 weeks).

Can the subscriptions be paused and changed?
You can easily change or pause your juices to fit your schedule or vacations by contacting us by 9 am, 2 days before your next scheduled delivery day. We will hold all deliveries until you return.

Do you recycle?
Of course yes! We believe recycling is imperative to protecting the welfare of the environment. That’s why our juice bottles are made from 100% PET plastic, an eco-friendly packaging option.

Please rinse your bottle and dispose of them in your recycling or you can return them to us to earn The COOL Points!

About The Cool’s SAVE THE EARTH Campaign..
To encourage and reward recycling, you will be able to earn The COOL Points when you return our empty bottles back to us!
One 250ml bottle = 5 COOL Points

* Every 20x 250ml empty bottles returned is entitled to 100 points, every 40x 250ml empty bottles returned is entitled to 200 points (equivalent to 1 bottle of juice worth RM9.90) on the next purchase.

How to return the empty bottles?
1. Have your empty bottles collected. (Make sure they are rinsed and dried upon returning to us. Minimum 20 bottles per return, any quantity lesser than 20 will not be accounted for points. We only accept a rounded amount of 20 or 40 bottles, any extras will not be counted in as points)
2. Pass the empty bottles to our delivery person.
3. We will calculate and update your account with COOL Points. Kindly allow 7 – 10 days time for this update to reflect.
4. Collect and use your COOL Points for rebates in your next purchases

We do not offer refunds after your payment has been made.

If you need to make changes or postpone your cleanse or juices for any reason, we require you to inform us by 9 am, 2 days before the delivery date. A credit voucher will be issued to be used in the following 3 months period.

We do not offer credit voucher for cancellations made later than 9 am, 2 days before your delivery date. We also reserve the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

The Cool Juice is 100% cold-pressed juice produced with only fresh, raw and natural ingredients. No water, no sugar added and is not made from concentrates.

If you are concerned about the short shelf life of the fresh cold-pressed juice, no worries we got you covered as we have juices with longer shelf life.

Aside from wholesale options, we have other arrangements to cater your business needs.

Please contact us at:
Email: contactus@thecooljuice.com.my
Whatsapp: +60 16-6581688
for more info and for us to show you our wholesale portfolio.

For all inquiries, you can contact us at:
WhatsApp or call us: +6011-12225226
Email: contactus@thecooljuice.com.my

Customer service hours:
Daily: 9.00am to 5.30pm