Pinky Pomo

– Powerful antioxidant – Anti-cancer – Fight fungal infection – Improve memory –
– Reduce joint pain –

Sourly sweet and refreshing! Pears with the addition of pomegranate and lemon make for a tasty fruit juice that will boost your immune system and vitality. Ruby red, delicious and nutrient rich pomegranates pack with high anti-oxidant, anti-cancer properties and are said to be a good source of vitamin A,C,E and folic acid. This amazing fruit consists of three times as many antioxidants as both wine or green tea.
The high content of pectin in pears make it very useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels. Pear juice also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps relieve pain in various inflammatory conditions. The flavors in “Pinky Pomo” all compliment each other perfectly in this juice as they are all slightly sour and slightly sweet!

Pomegranate, Pear, Lemon

RM 12.00



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