“Vita-C Booster” Healthy Program

(6 customer reviews)

Suitable for those who always fall sick, feel fatigue, bleeding gums, joint and muscle aches. The program contains 4 bottles of roots and 4 bottles of citrus juices for 2 days.
They work best alongside with your regular diet and support healthy immune function.

The Cool’s Vita-C Booster Healthy Program includes:
Nutri-C            x 2
Spice Up          x 2
Hawaii              x 1
Seed & Stone   x 1
Chia Full          x 1
Sour Tangy      x 1

RM 68.00


6 reviews for “Vita-C Booster” Healthy Program

  1. Wong Yen Lee (verified owner)

    Great taste fresh juice

  2. marcwyl91

    I love the taste. The juice will make you full

  3. dhanyapauline

    Love the combinations and it taste so good.

  4. eyphuah (verified owner)

    Super convenient way to boost Vit C!

  5. dickjebamany (verified owner)

    Love the combinations, great taste and super professional vendor in answering questions. A great way to boost up ones Vit C

  6. jiayunlim0517

    Fell in love with their juices! Have been repurchasing for 3rd time 🥰

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