Classic Detox Program

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Tailored for those who have experience in juicing and are currently delving in the healthy eating habits and lifestyle. THE COOL ” Classic Detox Program” contains only 3 greens juices for a good intense detox. Medium level detox juices will cleanse your organs and reboot the system in the meantime.

The Cool’s Classic Detox Program includes:
8 am: Hola!Kale
10 am: Chia Full
12 pm: Bighead Bro
2 pm : Nutri-C
4 pm : Leafy Green
6 pm : Spice Up
8 pm : Almond Mylk




Medium level detox juices will cleanse your inners as it is!

Delivery Note:
1. When choosing delivery date at checkout, please bear in mind your juice cleanse start day would be the day after the delivery
2. For 3 days juice cleanse and above, there will be more than one delivery in order to keep the freshness of the juices

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5 reviews for Classic Detox Program

  1. nurulshima14 (verified owner)

    Love it! Delicious and easy to consume. Very helpful if you regularly experience belly bloating.

  2. Charlotte D Parks (verified owner)

    I am a raw juicer myself and normally consume at least 1/2L every day. But being in C19 quarantine that’s of course impossible so I ordered the classice detox programme and used it as such. The only other stuff I was consuming was water, fruits and herbal tea.
    It is a great and super simple detox. The juices are of high quality, inventive and super delicious. I’ll use again if I don’t have access to my own juice machine.
    Delivery to hotel room also went smooth

  3. aikychien (verified owner)

    Surprisingly very delicious and fruity, despite the greenish colours. No vegetable taste at all. I didn’t enjoy the almond mylk though because of the cinnamon taste in it.

  4. helloppy26 (verified owner)

    i lost 2 kg and 0.5% body fat from this program. 🙂

  5. yvonne.lyw (verified owner)

    I have tried this classic detox program for 6 days. Dropped 1kg but body fats dropped 2%.. Surprisingly I don’t feel tired / craving during these 6 days. The juices are very nice as well. Planning to another round of detox.

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