Hardcore Detox Program

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Ideal for green juice lovers or experienced cleansers. THE COOL ” Hardcore Detox Program” contains only 4 greens juices. It is high in chlorophyll which helps you to quickly balance the acidity in your body.

The Cool’s Hardcore Detox Program includes:
8 am: Hola!Kale
10 am: Sour Tangy
12 pm: Bighead Bro
2 pm : Nutri-C
4 pm : Leafy Green
6 pm : Beet & Burn
8 pm : Greenish




Ideal for green juice lovers or experienced cleansers.

Delivery Note:
1. When choosing delivery date at checkout, please bear in mind your juice cleanse start day would be the day after the delivery
2. For 3 days juice cleanse and above, there will be more than one delivery in order to keep the freshness of the juices

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1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days

12 reviews for Hardcore Detox Program

  1. eehooi kay

    My 1st trial on juice detox, it was a very great experience and the juices taste real yummy.

  2. ahwulxy (verified owner)

    Everyone deserve have a try here, won’t regret:)
    The staffs are very nice to help.

  3. gsong (verified owner)

    The staffs are very friendly and helpful. I 1st try the juice and i love it.

  4. Sue Tan

    Best juice I ever had. Give a try you will not regret. Best customer service n thumbs up ! I will definitely order again.

  5. evonne_yap (verified owner)

    I have tried this detox twice and the experience was great!
    The suggestion of 2 hours pacing was just nice and I definitely feel lighter and rejuvenated. Great feeling!

  6. pearlylaumc (verified owner)

    I loved the convenience and the variety! When I do a juice cleanse on my own, I normally just juice a big amount of the same juice. I don’t have the time to come up with different kinds of combination. That gets pretty boring, not to mentioned sickening at the end of the day, after consuming 2L of the same juice. With Cool Juice, the juices are tasty and I look forward to my 2 hourly ‘meals’! Will definitely do more juice cleanse in the near future.

  7. sunmnus

    Wow so fresh ! I like it !

  8. amy5lim (verified owner)

    This is my 4th time 3day detox, it really good for health.

  9. sumobibi (verified owner)

    These fresh juices are healthy fresh and tasty. It’s fresh and a great way get your daily dose of hydration and nutrients ! Best part is there is no added sugar. Just the RAW juice.

  10. eyphuah (verified owner)

    Love the combination of the juices! All are fresh and taste good too!

  11. ainhu65 (verified owner)

    I was surprised with the taste, so delicious and easy to drink! Detoxing turns out to be a very enjoyable experience! Love it!

  12. junecjs888 (verified owner)

    Love the detox program. Is so easy to drink and the combination is good.

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